Developmental Review


For authors in the planning and writing stages without a complete first draft. Includes a one-hour phone or Skype consultation with your editor.


You've had a great idea for a book, made some notes, and even started a first draft, but the next steps don't seem so easy. In a developmental review, we work closely with you to jump over those hurdles and finish your first draft. Whether it's building a compelling plot or clarifying your central thesis, we work through the details to get you on the right track. This isn't ghost writing; we'll give you all the tools you need to finish your book.

First, your manuscript (up to 25,000 words) and any notes you feel are important. Then we send you a 4-5 page review of what works and what doesn't, and where to go next. When you are ready, we schedule a phone or Skype conversation between you and your editor so you can hash out the details, ask any questions you like, and plan the next steps in your project.

A developmental review will discuss topics such as:

  • Story or thesis outline
  • Organization of the chapters and main ideas
  • Plot arcs and character development
  • Major writing issues like clarity and flow
  • Any other issue that needs your attention
  • What to focus on in your next revisions

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Developmental Review
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