Editorial Evaluation


For authors with a complete first draft. Includes follow-up email support.


You have a complete first draft, but it's not quite time to have an editor fix the details. In an editorial evaluation, we read your full manuscript and prepare a detailed 4-6 page review on every aspect, from plot holes and incomplete character arcs to word choice and typos. We will pull out specific examples to illustrate how the manuscript could be revised to bring out its strengths.

From there we discuss what your next steps should be. We'll look at the readiness of the manuscript in its current form and offer suggestions on what level of editing would be best to make it ready for publication. You can then take these notes and make revisions as you see fit before moving on to more detailed line editing. If there are aspects of the text you would like specific feedback on, let us know and we'll include it in the evaluation.

In an editorial evaluation, you will receive feedback on topics such as:

  • Recurring writing issues such as grammar, word choice, and typos
  • Character and plot development
  • Plausibility, continuity, and consistency
  • Reader engagement and flow
  • Organization of ideas and clarity of arguments
  • Other aspects that could be revised
  • Where to go from here, including next-step revisions and further editing.

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Editorial Evaluation
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Our prices are in Canadian dollars, but we welcome clients from the US and around the world.