Content Editing

2-3 cents per word based on individual project requirements.


Comprehensive editing that includes all aspects of a copy edit, but also provides extensive and specific feedback on larger topics in the story's content like plot, character, and continuity. Includes a one-hour phone consultation with your editor and one hour of follow-up email support.


After all the hours you've put into your manuscript, it can be hard to see it objectively. Is that character handled properly? Does that scene build enough tension? Is my story engaging enough for a wide audience?

A content edit is a comprehensive review of every aspect of your manuscript. We'll look at the organization of the scenes, the development of characters and sub-plots, the story's continuity, and more.

This includes all of the grammatical and mechanical adjustments covered in a standard copy edit, as well as as a free one-hour phone or Skype consultation with your editor and an hour of follow-up email support.

All of our edits use the Track Changes and Comments tools in MS Word. This way, you can reject any changes you disagree with and only move forward with those that help the book fit your vision.

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