Developmental Editing

3-5 cents per word based on individual project requirements.


Two in-depth rounds of editing. The first looks at the big issues plot, characters, and narration. After your revisions, the second cleans up any lingering errors in the writing. This includes a one-hour phone consultation with your editor and two hours of follow-up email support.


Writing a compelling novel isn't easy and doesn't happen in a vacuum. Having a professional step in while you're still in the revision process can save you hours of hair-pulling by helping each element of your manuscript reach its potential.

In a developmental edit, we work through the text once to make specific and extensive comments on everything, including plot, characters, plausibility, and continuity. We then send the manuscript back to you to implement the changes you feel are appropriate. The second round of editing will provide further feedback on the changes you made, but will focus on a detailed review of the writing to fix any typos, awkward sentences, and other mechanical problems. This package also includes a free one-hour phone consultation with your author at any stage you feel it would be most effective, and two hours of follow-up email support.

Get ready for a lot of red ink and direct, cutting critiques of your story. This is not for the faint of heart and only intended for serious authors who want to burn their first draft to let the phoenix of the final draft rise from the ashes. Get in touch today to receive a free quote or to schedule a developmental edit for your manuscript.