Manuscript Editing

Whether fiction or nonfiction, having your manuscript edited before publication is essential. Readers can be fickle, and even the smallest typo can diminish your authority as an author. It doesn't matter how compelling your topic is or how engaging your characters, if it isn't expressed clearly, your readership won't grow. In our editing packages, we separate the wheat from the chaff and give your text a professional polish that will impress even the most serious critic. Ask about a free sample edit to make sure your editor is the right match.

Every project is different, and some require more work than others to make them ready to publish. We offer a range of pricing options to help fit your budget and ensure you only pay for what your manuscript needs. Get in touch for a free quote and consultation with your editor.

Standard Copy edit

content edit

developmental edit

This is the bare minimum for every author. Grammatical mistakes, typos, and awkward sentences will be running for the hills.

This will send your typos packing, and unclear arguments, flat characters, and boring tangents will be right behind them.

The full package. We'll break it down and build it back up. Expect a lot of red ink. It's tough but fair, and your book will benefit from it. 


From 1 cent per word

  • One round of editing
  • Follow-up email support
  • Correction of grammar, typos, and spelling errors
  • Revision of awkward or unclear sentences
  • Alignment with style guide and regional spelling conventions

From 2 cents per word

  • One round of editing
  • Email support and a thirty-minute phone consultation
  • Everything covered in a standard copy edit plus extensive notes throughout the text on:
  • Thesis, plot, and character development
  • Organization and clarity of ideas
  • Reader engagement
  • Readability and flow

From 3 cents per word

  • Two rounds of editing
  • One-hour phone consultation
  • Email support during and after editing
  • The first round focuses on large issues through comments in the text, including clarity of arguments and reader engagement
  • After round one, you review the notes and make any changes you feel are appropriate
  • The new draft is then edited again for grammar, style, and mechanics
  • Includes back cover writing for the About the Book and About the Author sections

Please note that our prices are in Canadian dollars, but we welcome clients from the US and around the world.