Nonfiction Copy Editing

1-2 cents per word based on individual project requirements.


Sentence-level adjustments for spelling, grammar, clarity, and style. This is the basic requirement for all manuscripts. Includes one hour of follow-up email support.


Even the smallest typo is enough to distract a reader and reduce your authority as an expect on your subject. In a standard copy edit, we work through your manuscript in detail to correct all of the typos, grammatical issues, and awkward sentences. We will add comments on sections that require your attention and rewrite ineffective, boring, or convoluted sentences. The result will be a concise, readable, and effective text that is ready to move forward with publication.

This type of editing should be last step before going to print. If you are interested in more comprehensive feedback on the manuscript, including thesis development and organization, consider a content or developmental edit.

Add a one-hour phone consultation to get the most out of this process. If you have already completed a developmental review or editorial evaluation with us, your phone consultation is free.