Turn Your Great Idea Into an Amazing Book


You have an idea and know what you want your book to be like, but getting there is proving harder than you thought. Don't worry -- we've worked on hundreds of book projects and can help you move from concept to manuscript through a personalized process built entirely around your goals and work habits.

Through hours of phone or Skype conversation and working closely together on email, we will tease the ideas out of your head and onto the page. The process begins by talking about your idea, why you're excited about it, and where you hope your project will go. From there, work to create an outline of your book to help clarify and organize your ideas into a coherent and engaging first draft. Then it's time to break out the red pen and start to refine it until you are satisfied that the manuscript is the best it can be. When it's time to present it to publishers, you can be proud of your polished product.

This process is about you and how you work best, and we will cater it to meet your needs. If you need a strong structure, we'll use a personalized system of goals and deadlines. If you prefer to work casually, we can pick it up when you're ready for the next steps. There's no commitment and you can change how we work together at any time.

The first step is to get in touch. We'll sit down for a free, no obligation consultation on the phone or video chat to talk about your book and what we can do to help. Your book project has been gathering dust for long enough. Let's get started!